Blink-182 is Tom-less again

The last 24 hours of been a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions for Blink-182 fans. First we get news that Tom has left the band and then we get news from his Instagram that he has not left the band. Fast forward 12 hours and Rolling Stone has an interview with Mark and Travis stating their side of the story. Looks like we are once again Tom ‚Äď less. Last time this happened I refused to purchase either sides music or products. As most of you know I am a huge fan of this band and it hurts me to do this. Hello my last post was about buying blink-182 T-shirts!

With all this going on I think it’s time to move some of my dearest blink memorabilia. I haven’t made a decision yet but I will share with you some of my goodies. If any of these interest you please feel free to make an offer but keep in mind I won’t except lowball offers.

Limited 182 Tampa Reunion tour shirt with Ticket stub and sticker I caught from Mark.


Signed CD cover art I won from pre-ordering their CD from their site.


close up of the 177/182 signed CD cover art


Large framed Neighborhoods print that I won from pre-ordering their CD. This is 1 of 182 prints made. VERY nice raised print


Blink-182 Shirts came in!

For those of you that don’t know I am a huge Blink-182 fan. I’ve been a fan ever since the first time I heard carousel when I was in middle school. Their crappy punk rock had me hooked from day one! Not too long ago they had a sale on their website and had most of their shirts for only five dollars! Not and only that but they had their patches for only $.99! Fast forward to today and I receive my T-shirts but no patches ūüôĀ So I called their merchandise hotline and they are sending me another goodie. Apparently so many people wanted the patches that they ran out. I got to choose from either a blink-182 beanie or a scarf and I chose the scarf! I can’t wait to receive it!


French Toast Crunch making it’s sugary return very soon

French Toast CrunchGeneral Mills announced recently that it will be bringing back French Toast Crunch cereal after being on hiatus for eight years. Looks like a lot of food companies are looking at their past product lines to cash in on nostalgic foods. I remember having this cereal and it was not a mind blowing experience. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and that was always my favorite as a kid. Looking on eBay, French Toast Crunch has gone for $25 a box in the past! Expect to see this cereal in a grocery isle near you! In the mean time you can take yourself back with this commercial.

Building an empire on quarters


So I cruise around Craigslist every so often and look at the weird things/people. I’ve been thinking about buying a few candy machines as an experiment. If the machines make a few quarters then it’s a win and it’s an interesting hobby. This is the ad I decided to respond to thinking this could be interesting. I sent him an offer via text and the response was what I expected. He dropped them off yesterday and I’m cleaning them now. Anyone know a good locksmith to get new keys made from a lock?

AMC spoiler gate and Carl season 17

This past Sunday AMC angered a lot of fans particularly ones on the west coast. After airing the East Coast Walking Dead AMC posted on their Facebook a major spoiler involving a character’s death. Like a lot of people I know including myself we watch the episodes either later that night or the following days. I’m use to dodging spoilers but it’s really hard to dodge spoilers from the people that are telling the story. I was fortunate enough not to get it ruined for me but my wife did see the spoiler and was pretty ticked off. So I am now angry at AMC because I had to deal with an angry Deanna.


On to funnier things I found one the Internet. Assuming Carl makes it to season 17 this for sure is what he will look like.

So I was in a commercial

A few weeks ago I was approached by our local utilities company JEA and I was asked to be in there next commercial. We are part of their auto pay program and they wanted local businesses to tell other people about that program. As soon as you start the video, I am the first person you see! This is not the first time that I have been¬†on television. About a month ago I was asked to be on a local program called Hometown. This program highlights businesses and owners in the local community of Jacksonville Florida. As soon as it’s available to be shared I will post it here.

A few decades too late in a galaxy far far away…

IMG_5582.JPG I’m super pumped about the new Star Wars movie coming out and ¬†we get a few laughs from the haters. I can’t believe the amount of people poo pooing the new movie before it even comes out. I will be there opening night to see it and then I’ll make my judgement. Maybe I’m setting myself up for a huge let down. I hated JarJar in the last series and I avoid episode one because of him. Disney has done amazing things with the Marvel universe so let’s hope they continue that work with the Star Wars series.

The Adventures of Dustin

DustinsProfileHello internet! I have decided to share some of my adventures, laughs and ideas of the world. Brace yourself for my weird since of humor and our crazy ideas.

If we’re lucky my wife will join in and share her point of view of our adventures.

Dustin with WolverineYep that’s me with wolverine and yes I¬†know it’s crazy seeing me hulked out… ¬†and the facial hair?!?!¬†After leaving my 9 to 5 job I immediately stopped shaving. Then after about two weeks I had to close the store early to shave. I couldn’t take the inching anymore! Attempt #2 to grow a bear was a success. ¬†My entire life has changed in the last two years. I went from being the average blue collar worker to a tattooed entrepreneur.¬†I love to travel, try new food, retro video games and pretty much anything nerdy.

Hopefully all of this didn’t scare you off and if you’re down then join me on my adventures.

Dustin's Big Noodle

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